Friday, 17 June 2011

We need to talk!

After almost a quarter of a century in the City of Canning it's clear that I live in a special place that's on its way to getting even better.  The best bit of course is the people, being involved in school, sport and community organisations has meant meeting a huge range of terrific and sometimes courageous characters.  Now, as a recently elected City of Canning councillor, the positive experiences continue.

So why a blog?
A very good friend once lent me a book titled 'Don't Mourn for Me, Get Organised!' Its message was clear, if we talk and share our stories we can accomplish things that a single individual never could. 

In my blog I will share my stories and experiences about Canning and welcome your comments.  Along the way we will visit the beauty of the Canning River Regional Park, consider the multiple future visions 'they' plan for the city (and how we can take charge), talk about neighbours and neighbourhoods and, hopefully, laugh about life in our own special patch of suburbia.

Other bits
If you ever want to talk to me in my role as a City of Canning councillor please flick me an email on

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